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Temple of Fire

"Temple of fire" art project


The Total Installation


- Solo Exhibition Temple of Fire. Agency Art Ru. Moscow. 2012

Exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize 2012 . Moscow. 2012

- Museum night Snow. Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. 2013

- СONTEMPORARY DRAWING, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. Сatalogue. 2014

- Art Exhibition Actual Russia: habitat. The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. Moscow. 2016 

- СONTEMPORARY DRAWING. Museum of contemporary art PERMM. Perm. 2016

"Temple of fire" art exhibition. Contemporary art, Russia

The “Temple of Fire” total installation is an artistic interpretation of a museum exhibition in the fourth millennium AD. This imagined museum contains a story based on the results of a scientific expedition that discovered a monument of our era – the ruins of oil refinery. The artistic irony lies in the interpretation of the object, which is taken for an ancient church complex. Audiences reach the con­clusion that historians are not free from their own prejudices about their research and are hostages of stereotypes. A second aspect is equally important: “Temple of Fire” is another exhibition by Anton Chumak about oil (following his “Oil” project). He interprets the sacralization of “black gold” in the modern world as part of a system of displaced values in which oil, in a pagan way, is endowed with an almost mystical power guaranteeing greatness and success. Another of the less obvious meanings of the installation is that by tirelessly erecting cities, churches, factories and other structures, mankind struggles to avoid oblivion and to remember the past as pre­cisely as possible. But will these memories be interpreted correctly in the coming millennia? Do we really know why people created images in Nazca that are visible only from the sky? What is the true meaning of menhirs? Chumak demonstrates that to know of the existence of an artifact is not to understand it in its true historical context, and offers viewers more questions than answers.

"Temple of fire" by Anton Chumak. Russian contemporary artists
Burned brick. "Temple of Fire" art project
the Kandinsky Prize 2012 . Moscow. 2012
The Kandinsky Prize 2012 . Moscow. Russian art
Graphics on canvas. Anton Chumak
Graphics on canvas. Anton Chumak
The Kandinsky Prize 2012. Contemporary russian art
"Temple of Fire". Anton Chumak
Art exhibition "Temple of Fire". Russia. Modern art
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