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Unity. Art group "Utrish"

Unity. Art group Utrish.

September 22, 2012.
Gaitolovo, Leningrad region.
Participants: Alexey Mikheev, Anton Chumak, Denis Shevchuk

«The positive moral imperative requires Unity from us.
The mound is a symbol of unification, traditional for our territory, an association of living people in commemoration of the dead soldiers. The place where dozens of thousands of fighters have not been buried so far requires us to carry out the ritual of "calming the earth". Our action is a symbol and a call to Unity through Love and Power.
We must create cultural values ​​instead of destroying them.»

Gaitolovo, Leningrad region, the landfill

«The social implication of the action arose suddenly when we saw how the new landfill was located and growing "on the bones". The history of these places is a "tragic page" of the Great Patriotic War. As a consequence, there was no large Soviet memorial. We call to assess the significance of events not only through victories, but also through recognition of the value of heroism and dedication of ordinary soldiers. So, if there is no possibility to rebury all the remains, then it is certainly possible to transfer the landfill site and create a worthy memorial, then the motto "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten" will become reality.»

Gaitolovo, Leningrad region. The "Unity" performance
Gaitolovo, Leningrad region. The "Unity" performance
Anton Chumak. Gaitolovo, Leningrad region
Russian artists. The "Unity" performance
Anton Chumak. The "Unity" performance.
The "Unity" performance. Gaitolovo, Russia.
The "Unity" performance. Art group "Utrish", Russia
The "Unity" performance, Leningrad region
The "Unity" performance.
The "Unity" performance. Art group "Utrish"
The earth. The "Unity" performance. Russia, Leningrad region
The "Unity" performance.
Artistic action. The "Unity" Performance.
The "Unity" Performance. The Mound.
The "Unity" performance.
The "Unity" performance. Russian art group.
 The Mound.
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