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painting in the interior of the Southern River Station



The painting is a continuous wavy line, consisting of technogenic motifs replacing each other. As the viewer moves around the central wall of the station foyer, various images of vehicles and transportation infrastructure facilities of an imaginary future open up in front of him. The author in his images refers to the philosophy of futurism with its desire to use clean forms of energy, so images appear resembling reactors, turbines and Tesla coils. On the other hand, motifs associated with the history of the development of transport can also be guessed in the painting. So we can see in the images the retrofuturistic forms of airships, high-speed locomotives and sails - a symbol of the use of renewable energy from the beginning of the birth of transport as such. In addition, when depicting a passenger transportation system, we cannot limit ourselves to motor ships, locomotives, aircraft, and so on. Transport is also infrastructure facilities. Therefore, on the painting you can find fantastic motifs of bridges, river locks and mooring stations. This painting is not a set of accurate images of certain liners or wagons, it is rather an appeal to the viewer's imagination, which should put together in his mind a utopian and romantic image of a journey in the world of the future.

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