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The Salt

"The New Earth", charcoal, acrylic and laquer on canvas

2014 - 2016
Graphics, objects, installations, video installations


– Solo Exhibition. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow. 2017

– Solo Exhibition. Cosmotheca exhibition hall. Saint Petersburg. 2016

Art exhibition "The Salt", MMOMA, 2017

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» presented the solo exhibition by Anton Chumak «The Salt» featuring the artist’s works in various techniques from video-installations to graphics. The project, which is the fifth solo show by Anton Chumak, was held within the MMOMA young artists support program.

Video Art, found objects, "Prologue" video installation

The exhibition encompasses three zones corresponding to three stages of the recreation of civilization. The history is cyclical: mankind has already experienced cultural decay because of global political changes. The crisis of civilization is inevitably followed by revival, the future of which is subject to uncertainty.

The exhibition is built around the Great Flood, which destroyed all life outside the ark, then the survived gave birth to a new civilization. In the project by Anton Chumak the new world is obscure, it is unreal and fantastic as we can only assume, what our civilization will become in hundreds of thousands of years. 

"The Ark", graphics on canvas. Anton Chumak

The first section of the display, entitled «The Prolog», contains video installations and ready-made objects portraying the victory of nature over man and vice versa. 

Found objects
"The Salt" project. Video installation.
The "Prologue" video installation

The second hall — «The Project. The Birth of an Image» — symbolizes the formation of the concept of a new civilization. The idea of what it will be is still unclear, it is prefigured in sketches and layouts. It is here that the image of the Ark appears, symbolizing the storage of the information required for survival of humankind. 

"The Salt". Exposition. Art exhibition in Moscow, Russia
Exposition. "The Salt", Anton Chumak
The exposition. Art exhibition in Russia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The third hall focuses on the birth of a new utopian world, which embodies the inevitable thirst of the civilization for revival and growth. The painting «The Planet-City» portrayals a perfect realm for which mankind has always sought but never achieved.

"The Salt" project, exposition. Moscow museum of modern art
Moscow museum of modern art. "The Salt" exhibition.
Graphics on canvas. Russian contemporary art
Architectural graphics on canvas.
Art installation. From the project "The Salt"
MMOMA, 2017. Art exhibition in Moscow.
Gogolevsky 10, MMOMA
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