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Solo Exhibition "Oil". Saint Petersburg. Anton Chumak


The project consists of a large-scale installation supported by multi-channel video installations and combined with objects.


— Solo Exhibition OIL. Cultural Center "Red Banner", Saint Petersburg. 2011

Sergey Kuryokhin awards.  Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, Saint Petersburg. Сatalogue. 2011

Force field, Cultural Center "Red Banner", Saint Petersburg. 2011

— Art Exhibition Saint Petersburg. Recycling. Fakel Cultural Center. Saint Petersburg. 2011

Contemporary artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia

The OIL Project is a reflection on the social and sacred value of the “Black Gold” for the last few decades and an attempt to view the phenomenon from an emotional point of view. The endless oil trains that beat the rhythm as they move are reminiscent of animals sacrificed for the sake of the prosperity of man. In the OIL Exhibition, the sacred component of this resource is the basis of the exposition. The memories of seven lucky porcelain elephants nicely decorating Soviet sideboards combined with the power of the nature create a vivid image that conjures new associations. This is the “uncut” national idea. Oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons are the gods of the modern pagan pantheon. Today, oil caravans link the continents, just as the Silk Road used to connect countries in ancient times. The OIL Multimedia Project also boasts objects and video installations. The project was exhibited at the unique site of the former textile factory “Red Flag”, the famous constructivist building.

Multi-channel video installation. "Oil", Anton Chumak
Video installation. "Oil", Anton Chumak. Burning barrel
Art installation. "Oil" project. Cistern, tank
Installation. "Oil", Anton Chumak, Russian contemporary artist
"Oil". Art object. Shot cistern
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