The Oasis


Graphics, installations

2019 - 2020


The Oasis project is a cycle of technocratic drawings on canvas that represents the inherent strive of ​​the civilization to incorporate the cosmos into the sphere of their interests and create their own oasis-dwelling in the inmost recesses of the chilling universe.


The Cosmos of Antiquity, Kant, Gagarin with their mythologeme, meditation, romance and heroism is already gone. Nowadays, the cosmos is perceived in terms of utilitarian design, within the paradigm of a creative quest.


The Oasis project is a creative design of ideational space that combines lots of structures, barriers, textures, molecular lattices, with blurred boundaries between the natural and artificial, human consciousness and digital programming, biology and mechanics. The world does not stand still, the concept of cosmos is shifting to a new mode of perception, and interaction with it is turning to new physical and mental patterns. The idea of ​​cosmos as virtual space is becoming a thing of the past. Cosmos is getting physically tangible. A fine line between imagination and reality does not appear insurmountable; alluding to the first line of the legendary March of the Pilots “We Were Born to Make the Fairy Tale Come True”, that fairy tale together with a passionate futuristic trend of “budetism” popular in the nineteen thirties is being made true now, in our unpredictable present.


The Oasis project represents a new utopia, creating a new metaphor - the metaphor of anthropomorphic actions, the “new order” that opposes the entropy of black void, where the black symbolizes the potential with its own laws and patterns.


The Oasis project is an image of an alternative space design, a space system represented by milestones of the civilization, reminding of such architectural and semantic dominants as: the Temple of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the Colosseum in Rome, the temples of the Vijayanagar Empire and a range of other hallmarks.


The Oasis project is an image and reflection about the future begetting in the present.