Dictum – Factum



– 5 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Special project: Modern Art Museum: The Department of Labour and EmploymentThe State Tretyakov Gallery. 2013


– Special Projects The 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art Modern Art Museum: The Department of Labor and Employment.  Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts. Ekaterinburg. 2015 

The project consists of two showcases made of steel and glass with built-in illumination. Inside the showcases very worn working gloves are placed, the manner of exhibiting of which gives them the appearance of a museum showpiece. In the middle of the installation there is also a sheet of steel on which the inscription Dictum - Factum is minted.

«In the beginning was the Word». But what happened next? Repeated efforts of people. Any concept or thought, no matter how tempting it may sound, must pass the test by labor and only then gain strength and weight. Ideas should materialize, their implementers should have enough motivation to bring the matter to an end. The word, forged in steel, ceases to be a momentary set of sounds and symbols and enters into the basis of human material culture. Only labor spent on the realization of the concept gives it much needed artifactural properties, makes it alive and full.