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Beyond the Limit

"Beyond the Limit". Art performance

Art Group Utrish
Form Festival , Moscow, 2013.

A steel welded cube measuring 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m was located on the site. Two participants of the project, Anton Chumak and Alexey Dyakov, were initially "walled in" inside. During the performance, the artists, using simple hand tools (hammers, axes, chisels, etc.), punched the steel sheets and climbed out.

Torn metal. Festival "Form", Moscow

Overcoming the limits of both natural and artificial nature is a native moral imperative of mankind. Strength and will, the inalienable features of everything new, help us to break down barriers.
With this project we encourage artists to go beyond the closed system of distribution of contemporary art and work directly with the mass audience.
«Art shows a person the way to perfection, and this way will be overcome. This is the New Aesthetic.»

Metal cube. "Beyond the Limit" art performance
Anton Chumak, Alexey Dyakov. Performance.
Torn metal cube. Performance "Beyond the Limit"
Torn metal. Russian art performance
The audience. "Form" Festival, 2013
Girl. Metal Cube. Performance "Beyond the Limit"
Performance. Art festival. Russian contemporary art.
Anton Chumak, Alexey Dyakov. Performance.
Anton Chumak, Alexey Dyakov. Performance "Beyond the Limit"
Torn metal. Art performance
Torn metal. Contemporary art.
Metal deformation.
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